Security Auditing

Intrusion Tests

“Think like an attacker.”

The best way to foresee an opponent is to put ourselves in his position and to consider what he would do in a given situation. Knowing how to effectively lead an attack provides a valuable strategic advantage for planning our defences.

SysValue has a dedicated, independent and experienced team in the field of ​​Intrusion Tests, which follows daily the latest technological developments and behaviours in the “art” of attacking computer systems.

With this knowledge we can replicate in a controlled manner the latest techniques of computer hacking and conduct a thorough analysis of all the components of a computer system.

Our team consists of members with over 12 years of professional experience in conducting intrusion tests in critical areas such as banking and online brokerage, telecom operators and in creating infrastructure and industrial control systems in important sectors such as energy distribution, giving us extensive knowledge in the following types of projects:

  • “Blind” intrusion tests to networks and systems (internal and external)
  • Web Application Tests
  • Mobile application testing (iOS and Android)

Auditing Services

SysValue has vast experience in performing security audits using methodologies aligned with best practices (ISACA, ISO, etc.) that enable assessment of an organization’s security status in a holistic manner, from focusing on purely technical aspects to analysing the security management practices of the organization.

SysValue’s offer is structured in a set of services that cover all aspects of an organization’s security:

  • General assessment of information security – The general assessment of information security projects provide a complete analysis of the various aspects of information security in an organization. These projects consist of the quantitative assessment, based on evidence identified cooperatively with representatives of the organization, of its current security policies (technical and administrative), both with regard to their existence and to their level of maturity.
  • Maturity assessment process safety management – With a specific focus on safety management processes, this service allows the identification of the current state of affairs and the definition of an improvement plan with reference to an internationally recognized security processes maturity model.
  • Security architectures evaluation – The security architecture is vital to making the systems and networks of an organization defensible. This service consists in assessing the aptness, completeness, scalability and flexibility of the network architectures, the systems, the services and the security mechanisms implemented to protect the organization.
  • Security settings assessment – The review of security settings is a key component in analysing the security stance of an organization. In addition to allowing the identification of vulnerabilities resulting from configuration errors, it enhances the identification of failures both in settings management and in defining security baselines processes.
  • Analysis of Regulatory Compliance (ISO 27001 and CoBIT ) – SysValue has ample experience in projects of analysing compliance with the most relevant regulations in the various fields of information security (ISO 27001 and CoBIT 5 for Information Security). These projects grant the organization an insight into its global security state in accordance with internationally recognized standards, making it possible to define a path to obtaining a certification.

Incident Response and Forensic Analysis Services

Although the security level within organizations has increased considerably throughout the years, incidents continue to arise and with an ever growing impact. Implementing measures to detect and respond to attacks when they occur – in order to block an attacker’s ability to meet his objectives or to limit his impact in the organization – is as important as defining preventive measures to avoid attacks on the organization’s networks and systems.

The ability to identify the source of the attack, the flaws and vulnerabilities exploited, the extent of the affected systems and the information obtained by the attacker is essential for defining the measures that should be implemented in order to block the ongoing attack and to prevent future attack attempts.

SysValue has a seasoned team specialized in security incident response and in forensics practices that can act either during incident response or in cases of internal research, and can also provide expert opinions to present in court.

The incident response and forensic analysis offering is structured in the following services:

  • Response to security incidents – SysValue has a team of experts in incident response  techniques, forensics and malware analysis that allow a quick and efficient response to an incident, to assess the impact and scope of an incident and define the best block approach to implement, always in coordination with the client’s teams.
  • Forensic analysis – Forensic services are used to identify evidence of actions undertaken using a particular system or device in cases of wrongful conduct investigation, cases of information or identity theft, among others. SysValue services are performed in agreement with the best practices internationally recognized for the collection, preservation and analysis of evidence, ensuring that the evidence and conclusions obtained are valid, even in cases submitted to court. The analysis report is carried out by presenting the factual findings of the investigation as well as a complete description of the methodologies, techniques and tools used, allowing another expert to achieve the same results.